Your Hunt for a Taxidermist Is Over

Discover an expert taxidermist in Billings, MT

You waited a long time to bag that big buck. Don't you want a taxidermist who will work just as hard on your trophy?

For over 40 years, the family behind Montana Wildlife Artistry has helped hunters and sportsmen world wide, turning once-in-a-lifetime hunts into one-of-a-kind trophies. Specializing in big game taxidermy, we take pride in providing some of the best and most timely taxidermy work in Billings - or anywhere else, for that matter. Deer and antelope will have a 6 month or less completion time.

Preserve It The Way You Remember It

Get taxidermy and skull mounting services in Billings, MT

Do you want to display the ferocity of a mountain lion or the regal beauty of a grazing elk? No matter how you want your big game trophy to be preserved, you'll find the taxidermy experience and skill you're looking for at Montana Wildlife Artistry.

Call or come by our storefront for:

• Taxidermy
• Big game skinning
• Tanning
• European style skull mounting

We Let the Bugs Do the Work

beetle skull mounting services in Billings, MT

At Montana Wildlife Artistry, we provide the unique service of beetle-cleaned skull mounts in Billings, MT. Allowing flesh-eating beetles to naturally clean a big game skull is a slightly slower, but far more effective process than boiling or soaking it. The beetles deliver a totally clean skull for mounting purposes.

Doesn't your big game deserve a great trophy? Call Montana Wildlife Artistry today, and preserve your hunting memories for a lifetime.

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