Clean as a Whistle

Choose beetle skull mounting in Billings, MT

At Montana Wildlife Artistry, we use dermestid beetles for all of our Billings, Montana skull cleanings. Believe it or not, these flesh-eating beetles are used by many museums in the skull preparation process. They provide a thoroughly clean skull mount without any of the damaging effects of soaking or boiling at high heat.

1. The skull is prepared. The lower jaw, brains and eyes are removed from the skull. We take care of this part so you don’t have to.

2. The skull is caped. The skin and hair is removed from the skull, leaving only the flesh behind.

3. The skull is introduced to the beetles. The skull is placed in a closed space with the beetles for 48 hours or longer, until all the flesh is removed.

That’s it! Our beetle skull mounts in Billings, Montana are the cleanest available so you will never be disappointed with the results.