Turn Your Big Hunt Into a Big-Time Trophy

Taxidermy and skinning services in Billings, MT

The family behind Montana Wildlife Artistry has spent over 40 years helping hunters and sportsmen turn their biggest hunts into memorable trophies. We take pride in our Billings, Montana taxidermy work, and we do some of the best and fastest work in the area.

Our team specializes in big game taxidermy, and we are skilled at every step of the process. Whether you want an apex predator mounted with an intimidating snarl or a simply and elegantly displayed buffalo, we can do the job efficiently and correctly.

At Montana Wildlife Artistry, we’re like many area hunters: we focus on big game only. And although we’ll accept your skins, we also prefer to do the skinning ourselves to ensure the absolute best result from our work. Come to us for your Billings, Montana:

• Taxidermy
• Big game skinning
• Animal manikins
• European-style skull mounting

Don’t settle for a second class trophy.